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Why do new college graduates end up so disillusioned, underemployed and undervalued after a couple years of work?

The TECHSOL Employment Study highlights the disparity between new graduate expectations and the reality of the working world, and examines how employers can improve the employee experience to attract and retain top talent.

Grads are wary of large companies. They want a more personalized work and career experience and they’re not getting it. They want interesting and meaningful work, but they’re not getting it. They want an open and engaging culture, but they’re not getting it.

If large companies expect to attract and retain the best and brightest, they need to deliver a different kind of work experience—what we’re calling an internal gig experience.

That means offering the security of full-time employment, but at the same time moving employees from gig to gig internally—taking a project-based perspective with more frequent job rotation.