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TECHSOL Professional Services Limited

TechSol is built on solid reputation as a company committed and uniquely positioned in providing quality services and solutions to our respective clients. TechSol has on its service and solutions shelf state-of-the-art and technology driven products and applications.






Our Skills & Expertise


Good customer service costs less than bad customer service. Learn how your company can enhance its customer journey by putting humans at the heart of it.


Consulting Services

Education Services

Our people provide an amazing array of skills, experience and expertise from our in-house scientists and engineers, and our technical support specialists, to our science communications and international relations experts, and our IT, finance and management teams.






Our Resources Center
Our Resources services has been improved vastly
Our mission is to ensure and offer our students and employees the enjoyment of the safest, most innovative and pleasant facilities for their learning and working environments. Our duty is to facilitate the reach of their goals and endeavors by providing professional and valuable resources and services.